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MCHC Healthcare Compliance Month

Healthcare compliance refers to the adherence of healthcare organizations to the laws, regulations, and ethical standards that govern the healthcare industry. It is of paramount importance for healthcare organizations to prioritize compliance to ensure the provision of safe, effective, and high-quality care to patients. Healthcare compliance is a complex and dynamic field that requires constant attention and effort to stay up-to-date with the latest regulations and requirements.

We recognize April as MCHC's Healthcare Compliance Month. This month serves as an opportunity for healthcare organizations to recommit themselves to compliance and highlight the importance of compliance within their organizations. MCHC Healthcare Compliance Month provides a platform to raise awareness about the benefits of compliance, the consequences of non-compliance, and the resources available to support compliance efforts. Additionally, it will help us prepare for the Corporate Compliance & Ethics Week November 5-11, 2023.

Compliance ensures that healthcare organizations are operating within the law and regulations, thereby minimizing the risk of legal and financial penalties. Non-compliance can result in costly fines, sanctions, and legal action, which can negatively impact the financial stability and reputation of healthcare organizations.

Compliance also helps to ensure that healthcare organizations are providing safe and effective care to patients. Compliance requirements often relate to patient safety, such as infection control, medication management, and privacy and security of patient information. By complying with these requirements, healthcare organizations can reduce the risk of patient harm and improve the quality of care they provide.

Additionally, compliance helps to maintain the integrity and ethics of the healthcare industry. Healthcare organizations have a responsibility to act ethically and with integrity in their operations, and compliance requirements help to ensure that they uphold these standards. Compliance also helps to promote transparency, accountability, and trust between healthcare organizations and patients, as well as other stakeholders.

To celebrate MCHC Healthcare Compliance Month, there are several resources available to healthcare organizations and individuals interested in learning more about healthcare compliance. These include articles, webinars, conferences, and training programs that cover a range of topics related to compliance.

MCHC Individual members now have access to the Compliance landing page containing current articles, information for Federal False Claims Act, and Stark Law, and direct resource links for: coding, billing, regulatory, HIPAA and OSHA.

FREE Healthcare Compliance Webinar to be hosted April 20, 2023. Registration required and available to the first 100 registered.

Useful articles are available, please note some are only available to MCHC Members.

Join us all month long as we focus on all things Healthcare Compliance!

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