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Our association exists to promote our mission and values, and to support our members in their professional and personal growth. One way we do this is through our ambassador program.


Our ambassadors are a select group of members who have volunteered to represent our association in their communities and industries. They are passionate about our mission and are eager to share their enthusiasm with others. Our ambassadors act as the face of our organization, promoting our events, initiatives, and services to potential members, partners, and stakeholders.


Ambassadors help us to raise awareness about the important work we do, which can help to generate support for our initiatives while assisting others in their growth journey. By representing our association, ambassadors gain valuable leadership skills, networking opportunities, and exposure to new ideas and perspectives. They also have the satisfaction of knowing that they are making a positive impact on our profession and our community.

Applying to become an Ambassador

Complete the application to the right. 

Upload resume and/or cover letter. 

Applications are being accepted thru

April 15, 2024 for round one.

What to include: 

  1. Work experience

  2. Specialty exposure

  3. Current credentials held

  4. Education

  5. Prior leadership

Reference on application can be employment,

former co-worker, MCHC attendee, etc. Does

not need to be current employer. 

Become an Ambassador

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