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 Online Medical Coding Training

Our online medical coding training offers the student an opportunity to work at their own pace. The course provides up to 6 months to complete this program. You will be assigned a personal mentor to whom you can email any questions. Your mentor will be there every step of the way, to praise you for a job well done, or to give you a little nudge to keep you on track. This type of customer service is one of the many reasons our students are so successful when it comes to passing the certification exam.

Regardless if you are training for the CPC certification with the AAPC, the CCS-P certification with AHIMA or the CMCP certification with MCHC, our online medical coding training is the right choice.  Become a certified medical coder in months!

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Our Coding Training Includes: 

  • Lectures with step by step coding process

  • 6 months access

  • Practice activities and games

  • Medical Terminology & Anatomy Review

  • Timed Quizzes and exams

  • 125 Timed Final Practice Exam

  • Online Mentor to submit questions

Registration Options: 

Medical Coding Online Training only   $699  

Includes: Online course.  Please note, textbook and coding manuals are not included. 

Register Online or call 855-226-3348

Required Materials: 

Questions about the training program? Call 855-226-3348

Why Get Certified? 

Certified medical coders are in demand!  The need for qualified and certified coders continues to grow year over year. The salaries of certified medical coders is also increasing according to independent surveys completed by an industry healthcare organization. Understanding medical coding is just the beginning step in your career.  Becoming certified as a medical coder will demonstrate your mastery and signify your excellence as professional coder. 

Certification Examination Information: 

The Certified Professional Coder or CPC certification is administered by the AAPC. The exam consist of 100 multiple choice questions to be completed in 4 hours.  The exam is proctored online or in person. Membership to the AAPC is required to sit and maintain the CPC certification.  In addition to membership, the AAPC currently requires 18 CEUs per renewal year to be reported every two years based on your membership renewal month. Contact AAPC for specific requirements on maintaining certification

The Certified Coding Specialist- Physician or CCS-P certification is administered by AHIMA.  The exam is currently in beta testing launching July 1, 2020.  Candidates must meeting one of five eligibility requirements listed on their website. AHIMA certifications are maintained through a required recertification process.  CEUs are required as part of the re-certification process.  Contact AHIMA for specific details about the re-certification process

The Certified Medical Coder Professional or CMCP certification is administered by MCHC.  The exam consist of 2 sections.  Section 1 is 100 multiple choice questions with 2 hours to complete.  Section 2 is 25 coding cases requiring direct code assignment and sequencing with 2.5 hours to complete. The exam is proctored online or in person. Membership to MCHC is required to sit and maintain the CMCP certification.  In addition to membership, MCHC requires 14 CEUs per year.  Contact MCHC for information about annual certification renewal. "The CMCP will quickly become the New Standard", according to 15 year certified coding veteran Cindy from Fort Meyers, FL.

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