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CRC Online Training - Risk Adjustment

This very extensive online Certified Risk Adjustment Coder training course will allow you to understand the impact of diagnosis coding or risk adjustment payment models, understand the audit process on risk adjustment models, and identify and communicate documentation deficiencies to providers to improve documentation for accurate coding. Register Today to begin your new career as a Risk Adjuster!

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Training Includes

  • Online Mentor Access

  • 4 months online access

  • On-demand Lectures and resource videos

  • Games and activities 

  • Quizzes and exams

  • Test taking tips

  • Practice Final

Course Requirements

Internet Access


Analyze Documentation

Ability to research and analyze data

Complete training in 4 months


  • AAPC offers the CRC

Registration Options

  • Risk Adjustment Online Training only  $599

Registration Options:      (Register Online or call 904-495-6141)

Risk Adjustment Online Training  $599 

Includes: Online access training for four months. Note: ICD-10-CM Coding book is not included. 

Risk adjustment is a process that helps health plans to accurately predict the cost of providing medical services to their members. The process involves assigning a risk score to each individual based on their medical history and demographic information. This score is then used to adjust the payments to the health plans, ensuring that they are reimbursed appropriately for the level of care they provide to their members.


A risk adjustment coder is responsible for reviewing patient medical records and assigning codes to the diagnosis and conditions that the patient has been treated for. These codes are used to determine the patient's risk score, and the codes must be accurate and up-to-date in order to ensure accurate payment from the health plans.

Being a certified risk adjustment coder has many benefits. First, it demonstrates a high level of expertise in the field of risk adjustment and coding, and it can help to increase the credibility and reputation of the coder. Additionally, certified coders are often in higher demand, and they may have more opportunities for advancement in their careers. Furthermore, certified coders can also expect to earn a higher salary than those who are not certified.

Questions about the training program? Call 904-495-6141

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