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Consulting, Auditing & Management Services

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Auditing Services


Today's health care depends significantly on the accurate, timely and completeness of the medical record.  

Our chart auditing services assist small and large medical practices to ensure compliance with documentation standards, billing, and coding guidance. 

We recognize that all medical practices are not created equally.  Our certified auditors and compliance professionals can tailor an audit protocol to your organization. 

Auditing training is also available online or onsite with your team to complete ongoing internal audits. 



The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS or HHS), the Office of Inspector General (OIG) and other federal and state regulatory entities mandate health care organizations demonstrate an effective compliance program. 

Our certified compliance professionals can perform a risk assessment of your organization and provide recommendations, solutions and training as needed. 

Simply having a compliance plan is not enough to meet federal and state regulations.  Our professionals assist in preventing compliance incidents and demonstrate program effectiveness. 

Employee Training


MCHC has been developing medical coding, auditing, compliance and documentation training and education for the ever changing health care industry for over 19 years. 

We understand training can be costly, but we can help with our affordable virtual training and onsite solutions.  

Choose from our extensive existing training options or allow us to to customize a training program for your organization. 

Questions about the our Services?     Call 904-495-6141

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