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MCHC Membership

  • Student Membership

    MCHC Student or other institution, Verification required
    Valid for one year
    • Quick reference information
    • Free Review Module
  • Individual

    Every year
    Annual Individual MCHC Membership
    • Priority Registration to Events
    • Community Networking
    • FREE Training Modules
    • ICD-10-CM Online Training
    • OIG Compliance Guidance Webinar
    • Industry Quick Reference
    • Compliance Reference / Resources

Healthcare professional organizations play a critical role in providing support and resources to members in their respective fields. Membership in a professional organization offers many benefits, including access to the latest research, education, and networking opportunities.

One of the most significant advantages of joining a healthcare professional organization is the opportunity to stay current with industry developments. These organizations offer access to the latest research, trends, and best practices through conferences, seminars, and webinars. This access enables members to stay up-to-date on the latest advancements in their field and apply new knowledge and skills to their work.


Professional organizations also provide members with opportunities to expand their networks. By participating in meetings, committees, and events, members can connect with other healthcare professionals, establish relationships, and collaborate on projects. These connections can lead to new career opportunities and partnerships.

Membership Options: 

MCHC Individual Membership:    $99

Membership is open to all healthcare professionals regardless of certification status.

Membership renewal due on or before anniversary.  

MCHC Student Membership:  $35

Student Membership is available to MCHC students, college/university students working towards healthcare administrative degrees, and students from other organizations.  Student verification required.

Become a member online or call 855-226-3348.

Benefits of Membership with MCHC:

  1. Continuing Education: MCHC offer members access to high-quality continuing education programs, seminars, and conferences. These educational opportunities can help members enhance their knowledge and skills and maintain their professional credentials.

  2. Networking: MCHC provides members with opportunities to network with peers, industry leaders, and experts in their field. These connections can lead to new job opportunities, professional collaborations, and knowledge-sharing.

  3. Advocacy: Healthcare professional organizations often advocate for their members and the industry as a whole. By joining a professional organization, members have a voice in shaping policy and advocating for issues that affect their profession and patients.

  4. Resources and Support: MCHC offers members access to valuable resources and support, such as publications, research, and career development resources. These resources can help members stay current in their field and advance their careers.

  5. Leadership Development: Many professional organizations offer leadership development programs and opportunities for members to get involved in leadership positions. These experiences can help members develop new skills, build their resumes, and prepare for future career opportunities.

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