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MCHC is a consulting company also providing training to meet today's ever changing environment. The health care industry is in need of skilled and certified professionals. We offer training in many formats across the country.  Contact our office (855-226-3348) for more information about onsite training or to create a customized training for your organization or to obtain our consulting services.



A conference is usually 3 or more days. We offer the traditional conference experience as well as our adventure conferences which allow for training and fun.  Adventure
activities are always optional.  

CA Healthcare Conference

TN Healthcare Conference

Coding Campout

Coding on the Sea

Boot Camps

Boot camps are typically 3-5 days in length and are offered in multiple cities across the country as well as onsite.  Boot camps are a great way to gain a significant amount of information in a relatively short period of time.

Healthcare Management Boot Camp

CPC Boot Camp

Compliance Officer Boot Camp

Medical Record Auditor Boot Camp

Seminars / Workshops

Seminars and workshops are generally 1-2 days.  These are scheduled in different cities and may be a short run.  Some seminars and workshops are only offered for a limited time.

ICD-10-CM Code Set Workshop

E/M Auditor Boot Camp

Anatomy for Medical Coding

Contact Us:

Questions about Continuing Education?  Call 855-226-3348

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