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CHCP - Certified Healthcare Compliance Professional

The Certified Healthcare Compliance Professional (CHCP) certification exam is administered an by Medical Coding & Healthcare Compliance.  By passing the CHCP certification examination, you are designated as a health care professional in compliance. 

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Compliance Officers play a crucial role in ensuring organizational compliance with all federal and state laws and regulations surrounding the healthcare industry. They work to mitigate and minimize risk and develop standards and practices to facilitate smooth operations and quality of care. Compliance officers stay abreast of updates and regulatory changes affecting the practice and industry overall. 

The demand for compliance officers continues to rise, in particular healthcare compliance officers as the industry regulations become more stringent, complex and ever challenging to maintain. Compliance professionals ensure adherence to ever changing protocols while preventing fraud, waste and abuse. Responsibilities include audits and investigations, Medicare / Medicaid compliance, maintain HIPAA and OSHA standards, and are well versed in healthcare laws and regulations. 

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast compliance examiners to increase 18% by 2030, which is quicker than the average for other industry occupations.   This is due to compliance officers moving to other firms, retiring and industry conformance. 

Registration Options: 

Online Review & CHCP Certification:    $499

Includes 60 day access to online review materials and one attempt at certification exam.  

Additional attempt $75 

CHCP Certification Exam:  $199

Includes one attempt at certification.  Additional attempt  $75

Register online or call 904-495-6141.

CHCP Certification Examination includes the following: 

Questions about certification?      Call 904-495-6141

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