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Virtual registration for the TN MCHC Healthcare Conference to be held May 2025.  Virtual attendance connection provided by Go To.  Please note: Virtual registration requires on a dependable  internet connection on all points of connection.  While no disruption is anticipated, internet latency may create lag and/or temporary disconnection.  

Virtual attendees will be able to participate in the training.  Please note that virtual attendee questions will answered at the end of each session.  Virtual attendance is tracked by Go To.  CEUs will only be awarded for sessions actually attended.  CEU codes will be provided on the screen and will be announced twice.  Once the code is provided at the end of the session, it will not be provided afterwards. 


Coding manuals or digital access is required for some sessions. 


Registration to the Virtual TN MCHC Healthcare Conference does not include Pre-conference.  This can be added with separate registration. 

VIRTUAL TN MCHC Healthcare Conference

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