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No credit check!  No finance charges!  No administrative fees!


Complete training requires three monthly payments of $266.35.  Please note that with the first payment, Unit 1 will be made available.  Unit 2 is available after completion of the second payment.  Lastly, Unit 3 is available once the third and final payment is made. 


Unit 1 is Chapter 1

Unit 2 is Chapters 2-7

Unit 3 is Chapters 8-25


Failure to make timely monthly payments will result in deactivation of the account.  A reactivation fee of $149.99 will be charged to reactivate the account, in addition to the past due payment.  Accounts in deactivation will remain in deactivation for 30 days at which time the account will be terminated.  Once an account is terminated, it can not be reactivated. 


Training is nonrefundable and non-transferrable. 

CPC Online Payment Plan

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